INVEST ZEE is an investment company with 20 years of experience in the global capital management market, specializing in the accumulation of funds from private investors for the implementation of promising start-ups in the field of beauty, mobile medicine, eSports and other top destinations. 24/7 online analytics, flexible financial investment model and multidimensional risk diversification guarantee our partners a stable profit following the chosen investment direction.

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About us

For ordinary people with unusual dreams

The investment company (at that time Ex Co Group Limited) was established in 1998 by a team of experienced business analysts who developed several universal financial investment solutions that allowed working with the largest and most profitable business sectors internationally. At the moment, our office in Hong Kong has 27 qualified specialists, including an analytical, marketing and legal department. Our vast practical experience, a unique financial model and flexibility of investment plans form a strategic range of high-yielding assets located in key positions around the world. Blockchain, AI, alternative food, online games - we work with startups at the forefront of global progress, take control of investor funds and distribute them in the most profitable areas, which ensures profit to all participants with minimal risks.

Elizabeth Georgiadis

“The best guarantee for a reasonable investor against risks is not a retreat, but diversity.”



    Investment insurance

    To provide additional protection for the investments of our partners, all investments are insured. Insurance also serves as a reliable justification for profitable cooperation.


    EV SSL Сertificate

    This is an internationally recognized safety certificate, which is issued only to verified real-life companies based on advanced verification manuals.


    Protection of personal information

    All personal information of partners is used only within the framework of investment processes and is not transferred to third parties. Our servers use advanced encryption algorithms.


  • Official collaboration

    All certificates and licenses are freely available, we work in accordance with international legislation and the laws of the countries where our partners live.

  • Tech-support specialists provide their partners with competent and most detailed help 24/7. Our investors can contact us at any time and for any questions.

  • Investment Transparency

    After Registration, each investor receives a personal account with a convenient and intuitive interface that allows tracking all financial processes within the chosen investment plan.

  • High yield

    We diversify risks applying online monitoring of target industries and calculated distribution of investor funds among several areas with the greatest potential.

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For ordinary people with unusual dreams

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Estimated earnings per day

  • 50 usd

    Minimum Deposit Amount

  • 100000 usd

    Maximum deposit amount

  • Indefinitely

    Investment period


Our financial model and approach to investing are in many ways unique. We diversify risks by betting on players whose potential is defineв by our specialists as unprecedented on the world stage. This makes exceptional demands on specialists, but the core of the team has not changed in the past 12 years, so thanks to our outstanding experience and proven adaptive algorithms, we always know for sure which startup meets our requirements.Working with the most progressive and financially profitable areas, we make investments not risky, but a reasonable investment with a guaranteed income. And so that our potential partners better understand what is being said, we have prepared a vivid video presentation about the principles of our company, as well as a selection of other recommended video files for viewing.


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